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Our family has been active with Kid Ministry and College Age programming at our church for several years. During an anniversary trip in May of 2017, we visited North Point Community church in Atlanta. Andy was not preaching that day, the original reason for our visit, but we did attend a message that God obviously wanted us to hear. The day was a celebration of their high school graduating seniors but also detailed a very sobering message of truth. As we listened to the realities for these new college students, we were shocked to hear the statistics regarding college kids exit from the church. How could kids that had at one time be so active in the church community turn their backs on God? A main reason noted why their faith drops off… they lose track of church and stop seeing it as important in their lives. As Christians and as parents of a new graduate this weighed heavy on our hearts and continued to come up in many future conversations.
Until one day a particular takeaway from the message could no longer be ignored… “Be intentional and shape tomorrow for these students.” So that is what we are doing. AnchorU was formed to address the issue of college students leaving the Christian faith. Our goal is to build a bridge between college students and their home congregations with campus care packages and mentorship. You know why? Research indicates that if at least one adult from their church/ congregation makes an investment in them personally it makes a huge difference in retaining their faith.
We choose the symbol of the anchor because it is the mariner’s cross. It is the instrument that holds a vessel in place during uncertainty or storms. We hope you will join us in securing a student’s faith at college and help keep them steadfast during these difficult years. Together we can keep them from graduating from God.

HEB 6:19

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul firm and secure.”

The Burchsteads

“We hope you will join us in keeping faith secure during the college years and beyond.”

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Welcome to AnchorU, securing faith one college student at a time.

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