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Is Your Christian Son or Daughter heading to College This Fall?

Our son is going into his second year of college and I cannot believe the enticements and distractions he must encounter every day.  We hope we have brought him up with a good moral compass but college constantly exposes kids to people, situations and temptations. I use the word “kids”…

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Keep Faith Front and Center as They Head to College

I do not know about you but there are no lazy days of summer in our house.  This past month it has been Christmas in July as we gather supplies, provisions and tasty treats for the fall season of AnchorU.  For some of our students it will be their…

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Send God to College with Your New Graduate

Can it really be August 1, 2019? The summer is flying by.  We have been working on some major website enhancements and are excitedly awaiting the back to school season.  Just as we are preparing our boxes for fall so is your newly graduated high school student planning their passage into the next phase…

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