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It is no secret that many Christian youth are leaving the church after high school graduation. These are kids that you have dedicated and invested years building, supporting and strengthening their faith and their relationship with God.

A main reason their faith drops off? They lose track of church and stop seeing it as important in their lives. Our mission is to change that statistic and anchor students in their faith during the college years.

What works? If at least one adult from their church/ congregation makes an investment in them personally! Our goal with AnchorU is to make that connection easy, fun and sustainable with the messaging and care packages we provide on your behalf.

Our systematic guide and monthly touch points will allow your church to anchor the faith of these young adults during very pivotal years.

If your church is interested in learning more or to obtain a launch kit for your congregation, please email our support team at info@anchoringu.com. This kit will include all the materials necessary to promote the program and offer a systematic guide to launch AnchorU at your church. We are limiting congregational programing during our inaugural season to make sure we can provide a quality experience. If you want to be part of securing the faith of your graduating, seniors this year do not delay in signing up.

Our program is designed to be accessed by an entire congregation or single individual. We offer a family/friend sponsorship option if your church isn’t participating in AnchorU.

Don’t know a student in need of sponsorship?

You can still help:

  • First, share our message with friends and family and invite them to get involved.
  • Second, pray for our mission that we can reach individuals and congregations.
  • Finally, become a Patron to our cause and help underwrite our mission. Support gathered here will go toward spreading the word and allowing us reach the greatest number of students. $1 a month can make a huge difference when contributed by many. Remember, “many hands makes light work.”

Hebrews 6:19

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul firm and secure.”

Students and Sponsors Log in here

Welcome to AnchorU, securing faith one college student at a time.

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