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Is Your Christian Son or Daughter heading to College This Fall?

Our son is going into his second year of college and I cannot believe the enticements and distractions he must encounter every day.  We hope we have brought him up with a good moral compass but college constantly exposes kids to people, situations and temptations. I use the word “kids” because that is what they are.  They still need our direction, support and encouragement to walk the straight and narrow.  Being away from home and their church family makes it that much more difficult.  The guardrails are removed and they are in many cases working without a net.  AnchorU provides a bridge between college and congregation to support these kids not only thought the initial transition but for their entire college stay.  We encourage them to find a local church, Christian group or support system and provide monthly reminders that the “safety net” is still available.  If you have a student heading off the college this fall we hope you will join us in sponsoring them with an AnchorU spiritual survival package at https://anchoringu.com/shop/

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