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Send God to College with Your New Graduate

Can it really be August 1, 2019? The summer is flying by.  We have been working on some major website enhancements and are excitedly awaiting the back to school season.  Just as we are preparing our boxes for fall so is your newly graduated high school student planning their passage into the next phase in life.  To ensure they do not graduate from God during this time we have developed a plug and play solution to bridge the gap between congregation and college.  Upwards of 70% of Christian youth, leave the church during this time.  A percentage that is much too high.  With your sponsorship you can send a monthly reminder that you care, are sending your support and that church should stay a cornerstone during the next four years.  Check out our annual subscription or even a single box reminder that God should go with them to college at www.anchoringu.com.

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Welcome to AnchorU, securing faith one college student at a time.

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