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Welcome, so glad to have you join us at AnchorU!
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Remember you are special and cared for by God. College is a great time to find your place in Godโ€™s kingdom. Unfortunately, many students lose track of their faith and stop seeing it as important during this time, even if it is unintentional. Your faith matters to us and someone from your home congregation. They are investing in you personally thought an AnchorU sponsorship. Our combined hope is that the love, direction and elements included in your monthly package will give you the encouragement to secure your faith during the college years. We also request that you pay it forward and pray for all the other students that are struggling with the loneliness and challenges of attending college as a Christian or non-Christian. A great way to do this is to share our monthly videos!
-Your friends at AnchorU

Keep the Faith

It is important to stay plugged into your faith while away at college. This new life and campus may be very different from your high school experience. You may be exposed to people and situations you have never encountered before. Best place to start is to find a place to gather on a weekly basis. We have provided the following resources to help make finding a local church easy.





Get Support

Another thing we recommend is finding a local support group of Christian students to help you adjust to campus. You may find a group local to your individual campus or check out some of these national resources:




Find a Church

Having trouble finding a church near campus or Christian student group? Do not lose your connection to God. Listen in online to a podcast or posted weekly sermon. Some of our favorites:





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Welcome to AnchorU, securing faith one college student at a time.

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