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Monthly your student will receive links to video and web content designed to address the issues and challenges most college students face. We choose this medium to cater to the teen preference and engage them where they already spend so much time. Our hope is that using a format they can share the content with other students who may or may not be familiar with the gift we have received from Jesus.
Each AnchorU campus kit will also include several items that will complement the faith-based materials. Each month your student will receive snacks to feed their appetite, specific personal items to keep them going and brain breaks to reduce the stress of college life. Each individual item will be chosen with care to complement the monthly topic and bring connection and joy to the recipient. We will offer both a male and female gender selections each month to better customize the experience. We will also try to offer fun, healthy and nutritious options that appeal to the college student’s tastes while encouraging them to own their faith. Contents vary monthly and no products are guaranteed to be included.
Through our monthly materials we will also try to plug students in to environments that foster their faith and encourage the attendance of a local church or affiliating with a para Christian organization.

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Welcome to AnchorU, securing faith one college student at a time.

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